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Accredited Speaker Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics

As Accredited Speakers, our purpose in establishing this Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics is to actively support and maintain our reputation, the Toastmasters International® brand, and build confidence in the integrity and professionalism of both the individual Accredited Speaker members and Toastmasters International®.

Many of our Accredited Speaker members are already members of the National Speakers Association, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, or other Global Speakers Federation associations and have agreed to abide by their respective Codes of Ethics. The success of Toastmasters International® and its Accredited Speaker members is built on the Toastmasters® core values of integrity, respect, service, and excellence.

All Toastmasters International® Accredited Speaker members subscribe to this Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics as a condition of recognition as Accredited Speakers, and as a condition of inclusion in any joint promotion.

We believe that each Accredited Speaker member will work to uphold the reputation, values and legacy of Toastmasters International®. By doing so, the Accredited Speakers give notice that they recognize the vital need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of speaking as well as within Toastmasters International®.

Violations of this Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics will be dealt with in accordance with Toastmasters International® governing documents. Disciplinary action, as instituted by Toastmasters International®, shall be binding and final upon the ACCREDITED SPEAKER member and without recourse to Toastmasters International®, its officers, members, or staff.

Article 1 Representation: Each ACCREDITED SPEAKER member commits to accurately represent qualifications and experience in all oral and written communications. Each ACCREDITED SPEAKER member shall be honest and accurate and not exaggerate in presenting qualifications and experience. Promotional materials in any format must include descriptions that are based in truth and fact.

Article 2 Professionalism: Each ACCREDITED SPEAKER member shall act, operate their business, and speak in a most professional and ethical manner so as not to bring discredit to oneself, Toastmasters International®, the speaking profession, or fellow ACCREDITED SPEAKER members.

Article 3 Research: Each ACCREDITED SPEAKER member shall conduct sufficient research in an effort to understand each client’s organization, approaches, goals and culture in advance of a presentation, in order to professionally apply their specific expertise to meet the client’s needs.

Article 4 Intellectual Property: Each ACCREDITED SPEAKER member shall not use the intellectual property of another - either orally or in writing - unless granted written permission by the originator and/or owner of the material, save and except for where the fair usage of material applies under copyright laws. This includes all materials, titles or thematic creations originated by others.

Article 5 Respect & Collegiality: The ACCREDITED SPEAKER member shall always strive to maintain a collegial relationship with fellow Accredited Speakers and Toastmasters International® members and staff that is based on respect, professional courtesy, dignity and the highest ethical standards.

Article 6 Confidentiality: The ACCREDITED SPEAKER member shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business or personal affairs of clients, agents and other speakers.

Article 7 Business Practices: The ACCREDITED SPEAKER member is obligated to maintain a high level of ethical standards and practices in order to assist in protecting the public against fraud or any unfair practice in the speaking profession and shall attempt to eliminate from the profession all practices that could bring dishonor to Toastmasters International®, fellow Accredited Speaker members, and the speaking profession.

Article 8 Diversity: The ACCREDITED SPEAKER member shall not participate in any agreement or activity that would unfairly limit or deny access of others to the marketplace in accordance with Toastmasters International’s® norms for respect for all people.

To this end, ACCREDITED SPEAKER members subscribe to this Professional Pledge:

"I pledge to comply with the standards of Toastmasters International® as set forth in its governing documents and with this Accredited Speaker Code of Conduct and Ethics."

© 2013 Accredited Speaker Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics as approved by Toastmasters International® at the 2013 Ohio TI convention as well as the vast majority of our Accredited Speaker members.

Follow this link to download a copy of the Accredited Speaker Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics

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